What you need to know about permanent eyebrow tattoos


So I’m on the fence on getting my eyebrows tattooed. My wispy light brown brows require so much work, so much filling in, so much aggravation. I live in Los Angeles so finding someone who does permanent eyebrow tattoos should be pretty easy to find.

Here’s what I am afraid of:

  1. It’s PERMANENT! What if I want to change my hair color? What if my face starts to look weird? I don’t want to look permanently surprised when I’m 30!!!
  2. I do not want an eyebrow tattoo that looks super fake. Like two giant commas sideways on my face! Ewww!!! (Jimmy Fallon voice!)
  3. Discolored or ill-shaped tattoos from a long time ago! I’ve seen my friends’ moms and grandmas with the OG eyebrow tattoos, and they look bad. Gray-bluish and weird shapes. I admire their willingness to get tattooed a long time ago but I don’t want to look bad at any age.
Overdone and super dark permanent eyebrow tattoos do not necessarily look good. Strive for natural.

This looks overdone. Unless that’s what you really want, I suggest a more natural look.

When I started my research on eyebrow tattoo, I knew I needed it but the pain, the NEEDLE, and all these fears once I got it crept into my head. But I feel educated now. This is what I know now!

  1. You should go semi-permanent! Rather than going all-in, semi-permanent ink solutions are available. It will fade after a year or two, and I can change my style it want to or get it retouched.
  2. Get the natural look! By drawing the individual hairs and only tattooing maybe 80% of the brow, I can still add my own makeup to fill in the rest. This should alleviate my fear of having super dark brows immediately after my session.
  3. No more fifty shades of gray! Because I’m so ready to get semi-permanent ink, my eyebrows will not fade to blue-gray. The ink will dissolve away on its own! Plus the ink and tools are so much better now.
Before and after photo of permanent eyebrow tattoo recipient

This is not me, but those brows are just as thin as mine.

But there are some things you gotta know, which I just learned, that will happen after the tattoo process. Scabbing may be a problem if your skin reacted poorly to the needle. Stay away from the sun and out of the swimming pool. Use Vaseline and let your poor eyebrows heal fully. You made a huge investment on your beauty! Sacrifice a few days for your long-term loveliness!!!

This is what you need to consider if you want permanent or semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos:

  • Research! Research! Research your tattoo artist! I know you want new eyebrows right now. That’s why you’re reading this far!!! 😄But this is your only face, and you deserve the best! Ask questions. Read reviews. Get referrals. Make them earn your trust.
  • Permanent or semi-permanent ink: the choice is yours. I think I like the flexibility of using semi-permanent ink, but some of you know that the style you want and need is perfect for your face. Permanent ink definitely will save you some time in front of the makeup mirror every morning. As long as you feel beautiful, choose what makes you most comfortable.
  • My suggestion: strive for a natural look. You’re not going to wear makeup everyday. Your eyebrows should look good event when you don’t have the time or energy to put on your full face. This definitely is based on your personal preference, but for me I want the tattoo to enhance not dominate my eyebrows.
  • To all those born with full, luscious eyebrows: you are so lucky. My hope is that I can achieve a similar look that my genetics fail to deliver. 😆

If you have a story about getting permanent eyebrow tattoos, let me know. I hope this helps you in your decision.

(PrettyGossip/Harper’s Bazaar/Brow Love LA Blog)

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